Our Principles and Approach

Systemic Thinking 

enables consideration of complexity, worldviews and understanding of multiple interacting factors.

Climate Change and Environmental Protection Lenses

giving non-human living systems ‘voice’ as a stakeholder. 

Economic Empowerment

to participate in and contribute to growth processes which respect human dignity and promote the fair distribution of economic benefits.



ensure that primary and secondary stakeholders, affected by an intervention, are actively engaged in our work.

Authentic Thought Partners

ethical collaboration, integrity, honesty and transparency and be accountable to our clients and stakeholders.

Commitment to Excellence

rigour, continuous learning, reflexive practice and improvement.

Gender Responsive Approaches


informed by human rights, gender equality, equity and justice needs, priorities, roles and relations for women, men and non-binary identities, that affect access and control over resources, opportunities and decision-making.

Learning and Capacity Development

two way learning for mutual growth and tools to promote change.

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