Ethos of Engagement Consulting is a group of consultants in over 20 countries who partner with clients as their thought partners supporting an ecosystem of diverse and global-minded consultants and academics. We work with individuals, communities, organizations and governments, to apply our approach to Inclusive Systemic Thinking. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

Inclusive Systemic Thinking is a new approach designed to respond to the complexity of change, which requires global development actors to think systemically, systematically, and intersectionally. Equally, we value learning and conversations that consider the interrelationships between gender equality, environments, and marginalized voices.

We partner with organizations, governments and communities to build their capacity for leadership and agency. We identify and mitigate barriers that impede their effective participation in all elements of social, economic, and political life. We are equally concerned with the global gendered impacts of climate change. We undertake work that translates into real-world practice, program delivery, and policy development. We engage with stakeholders to ensure that the project is informed and owned by the key stakeholders. 


We are committed to the empowerment of individuals, groups, and organizations using an Inclusive Systemic Thinking approach.