Nathalia Muñoz Ballesteros, M.A.

Young Emerging Evaluators

Cali, Colombia -Sociologist, specialist in social transformation processes, master's student in Public Policy. Experience in university teaching, research (management of qualitative and quantitative methods), design, execution, systematization, and evaluation of social transformation projects for more than ten years. Competences for building relationships of trust with work teams, conflict management, and horizontal dialogue with communities.

Leidy Kirely Rivera, M.A.

Young Emerging Evaluators

Cali, Colombia, Professional with experience in formulating plans, evaluating intervention projects, a researcher in the framework of the post-conflict-agreement, fieldwork with ethnic and multicultural communities of Valle del Cauca (indigenous, Afro-descendant, and peasant), territorial coordinator, trainer in public management, citizen participation, human rights, and international humanitarian law. Interest in issues related to victims, peacebuilding, rural development planning, and social ordering of rural property. Competence for teamwork and the fulfillment of objectives.