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We are committed to engaging and partnering with individuals, groups and organizations using an Inclusive Systemic Thinking approach. ​

Inclusive Systemic Thinking (IST) is mindset to inform analysis that challenges linear, simple, cause-and-effect logic, used in many conventional research activities. Systemic thinking is required when dealing with complex social situations especially when the environmental intersections are taken into consideration. Using a systems approach means we look to understand the whole, rather than just the parts. 


Our ethos is one of inclusion, engagement and building mutual capacity. At our core we believe that representation, whether active or passive, is the key to creating a world that works for everyone. 

We are a women-owned, values-based consulting group.

Our key values and principles guide our work.


These include: 

Systems thinking & participatory methods

Inclusive and gender responsive approaches

Climate change and environmental protection lenses, and more.

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