We are committed to engaging and partnering with individuals, groups and organizations using an Inclusive Systemic Thinking approach. ​

Inclusive Systemic Thinking’ (IST) is a form of analysis that challenges traditional linear logic and is required when dealing with complex social situations and multifaceted interventions. Using a systems approach means that we do not separate the individual parts of what is being studied to gain understanding, but instead we consider:


  • the range of perspectives formed by values, beliefs and what we know about the world

  • the interrelationships and connections between people, things or ideas

  • reflect continuously on the boundaries (what to include or exclude and why) of the project or system(s) in focus defined by our knowledge, resources, ideas, values, biases, priorities or perspectives. 

Our ethos is one of inclusion, engagement and building mutual capacity. At our core we believe that representation, whether active or passive, is the key to creating a world that works for everyone. Through our services, we promote this philosophy and assist in developing community capacity to effect change.


Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender Equality, Environments and Marginalized Voices is a framework developed to approach the evaluation process in a way that dives below the surface level understanding of interactions within a system.

Principles & Approaches

We are a values-based consulting group. Our key values and principles guide our work. These
include: Systems thinking, Participatory methodologies, Inclusive and gender responsive approaches, Climate change and environmental protection lenses, and more.


The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are the global guide for creating a better and more sustainable future that addresses our planet’s current issues. It is with this in mind that Ethos of Engagement developed the ISE4GEMs framework to address what is outlined in the SDGs.