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Samples of our work

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

   Formative evaluation and design 

Timor-Leste | 2024
Caritas Australia, Timor-Leste

EoE has been commissioned to work with Caritas and partners to conduct formative evaluations of two important programs.  The Sustainable Livelihoods and Disaster Risk Reduction (SLDRR) Program and the Protection Program in Timor Leste. The ISE4GEMs methodology is being used to uncover key learnings that will contribute to program redesign and MEL framework. 

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The development of an montoring and evaluation system for counter trafficking in persons

Australia-ASEAN Counter Trafficking | 2023

This project developed a monitoring and outcomes system for use by ASEAN ten-member state governments and in-country frontline organisations to prevent and respond to human trafficking of persons, particularly women and children. The work was commissioned by the ASEAN Committee for the Rights of Women and Children with funding from Australian Counter Trafficking (DFAT). 


TOMAK Safe Markets Safe City review

Timor-Leste | 2023
Adam Smith International, Timor-Leste

TOMAK (To’os ba Moris Di’ak or Farming for Prosperity) is a three-phase agriculture and livelihoods program implemented in Timor-Leste, led by Adam Smith International (ASI), and funded by the Australian Government.

EoE's team reviewed the Safe Market Safe City implementation. This valuable project supports women's access to public markets, safety and livelihoods.



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Towards Free From Violence End Stage Evaluation

Timor-Leste | 2022
World Vision Timor-Leste

Towards a Future Free from Violence (TFFV) project, a violence prevention and response sector building program of work managed by World Vision in Timor-Leste (WVTL). The overall goal of the TFFV project is to improve the mutual respect of men, women, boys and girls, ensure that people are informed of their rights, obligations and the law, teachers and parents engage in positive discipline, and appropriate services are available for the safe and effective referral of women and children needing protection. The overarching Goal Statement of TFFV is: Women, men, boys and girls are equal, safe and mutually respected.

EoE was commissioned to evaluate the program against the OECD DAC, providing full and executive summary report, presentation and recommendations for the continuance of the DFAT Funded program.  



Health Literacy Project, Mobile Learning Centre and Tetun Literacy & Teacher Training Evaluations

Timor Leste | 2022
Mary McKillop Today 

Three projects are being evaluated by the EoE Australia-Timor-Leste team.  MMT manage education programs for teachers to improve tetum literacy and public health and sanitation at schools.  MMT work with teachers, parents and students in partnership with the Timor-Leste Government. 

EoE's evaluation commends MMT on the important work they are doing for the education and rights of children in Timor-Leste. EoE provided a full set of reports with recommendations against the OECD DAC and GEMs Frameworks. 

Gender Responsive Alternatives to Climate Change

Cambodia, Kenya, Vanuatu | 2019
Action Aid Australia

ActionAid Australia (commissioned an end-of-project evaluation for Gender Responsive Alternatives to Climate Change (GRACC) funded by DFAT, under the Gender Action Platform (GAP). The two-year project was collaboratively designed and implemented with ActionAid country partners in Cambodia, Kenya and Vanuatu.

EoE conducted evaluations of the program in with each country partner using the Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender equality, Environments and Marginalised voices (ISE4GEMs) approach. 


German Institute for Development Evaluation

Colombia | 2019

Using the Inclusive Systemic Assessment for Gender equality, Environment and Marginalized voices (ISE4GEMs) as a methodology, this project encompassed training in the approach, extensive field work and a GEMs Framework analysis. 

This project was was part of a broader strategic evaluation carried out by DEval in multiple countries.

Training and Professional Development

Macaw Recovery Network

Costa Rica | 2021

The Macaw Recovery Network (MRN) successfully piloted a Women's Ranger Program in 2020 with funding to expand in 2021 and beyond. EoE delivered an 8-week online training course to build the Senior Leadership team's evaluation planning capacity.

Designed specifically for the MRN, EoE teamed up with conservation scientists to review guide the MRN team through the Conservation Standards and evaluation methodology.

Using the ISE4GEMs as a foundation, the MRN team developed a program theory of change and built a comprehensive evaluation, monitoring and learning framework, ahead of implementing the new program. 


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Denver Zoo:
Project Dragonfly

United States | 2019

Project Dragonfly at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, oversees the graduate course Human Dimensions of Conservation, in collaboration with AIP Master Institutions. The course is an inquiry-driven to promote public engagement and ecological stewardship.

Students are introduced to the systemic evaluation and the GEMs Framework, as a component of the course.

Social Research

Hakbiit Juventude: Youth and Women Led Climate-Smart Regenerative Agriculture, Water Management and Livelihoods 

Timor-Leste | 2021
Plan International Australia and Timor-Leste

The purpose of this formative research project was to undertake preparatory work that will be used to inform the design of a three year program to empower rural youth and women for improved livelihoods, agency and resilience through regenerative agriculture, water resource management and agro-forestry. EoE was commissioned to complete three tasks: 

Task 1: Conduct a global and local document review of regenerative agriculture for small-scale farmers
Task 2: Conduct a 'field lessons capture' of the impact of historical projects, and
Task 3: Conduct a socio-economic and gender analysis (SEAGA) assessment to inform the culturally safe design of the program. 


Colombia, Indonesia, Nepal, Southern Thailand | 2018

Systems Thinking Partnerships for Positive Peace built partnerships with government, academic institutions, INGOs/NGOs, business, communities and individuals in Nepal,  Thailand, Indonesia and Colombia.

University of Hull:
Systems Thinking Partnerships for Positive Peace Research Project

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