Ethos of Engagement Consulting accepts interns. Interns assist EoE to do commercial project work as well as background projects. Interns built this website and have contributed to our social media, developing training packages, written articles and blogs and shadowed our administrative and managerial tasks. 

Interns may participate in the following activities: 

·       Contribute as a project team member to EoE tendered evaluation and/or research commercial                    projects

·       Prepare research papers on various topics that contribute to EoE project work

·       Creation and pilot of online training and courses

·       Expand exposure and knowledge of ISE4GEMs through social media and evaluation                                     associations/platforms

·       Create a blog on ISE4GEMs for the EoE community and social media platforms

·       Website development and/or maintenance

·       Identification and drafting of proposal for tender opportunities

·       Other activities as collaboratively identified.

To qualify for an EoE Intern position, candidates must have completed or near completed an Undergraduate or Masters Degree in Social and Behavioural Science, Systems Sciences, Development Studies, International Relations, Arts, Business or a related field, at a recognised University or Institute of Higher Learning. 


Students needing credit towards their degree are welcome to apply. 

Our intake is year-round. Contact Ellen or Anne if you're interested in learning more about our program. 


Meet our current interns

Julia intern.jpg

Julia van der Waerden, International Studies and Development graduate.

December 2022 to February 2023. 

My main focus throughout my studies has been gender equity and that is the field I want to go into eventually, though I'm also interested in the ways this intersects with poverty, war and security. I would eventually like to work for an organisation that has the capacity and resources to create great change in the world. I am also heavily aligned with grassroots organisations doing amazing work for the communities they are involved with.