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Global Development Intern

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Sheena Blackwell, is a Santa Rosa native currently living in San Diego. She attended California State University Chico where she ran the 100m hurdles and 400m hurdles and earned her BA in psychology and her pathway minor in Ethics, Justice, and Policy. She comes from a family of caregivers; her mother, father, uncle, and grandmother owned a total of five care homes and Sheena and her siblings lived and/or worked in each of them from an early
age. Working closely with the marginalized disabled community and disability rights, Sheena was introduced to the intersectionalities of marginalization from an early age and the ability to advocate for others was a skill her parents instilled in her family. Professionally Sheena has used her background with the disabled community to work in the high school and at-home settings as a behavior aid and contracted as a Community Integration and Fitness consultant for developmentally disabled adults in need of assistance in socialization, fitness, and goal realization. Sheena hopes to use her background in advocacy to advocate for marginalized voices in sustainable development.


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