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Date: 2020

Partner: Denver Zoo and Miami University 

Background: Project Dragonfly (PD) is part of Miami University’s (Oxford, OH) Advanced Inquiry Program (AIP) in partnership with the Denver Zoo in Colorado. This collaboration oversees the graduate course, Human Dimensions of Conservation, which studies the conservation of wildlife as a complex endeavor that requires the integration of sound science from both the social and natural sciences. Students in this course are master’s degree candidates, certified and non-certified educators and others seeking professional development opportunities.

Purpose: EoE partnered with the Denver Zoo to facilitate a seminar on how to analyze natural resource issues from varying stakeholder perspectives including a stakeholder analysis using the GEMs Framework—Gender equality, Environments and Marginalized voices—dimensions. The seminar unpacked a range of topics including power dynamics, rigour, intersectionality and systems thinking, centered around the human dimensions of conservation.




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Project Dragonfly

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