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Advocating for Inclusive Systemic Thinking

2024 ISE4GEMS_evento.jpg

Juanita Bernal, PhD


Global Evaluation Initiative
GLocal Evaluation Week

Event Webinar on Inclusive Systemic Evaluation for Gender Equality, Environments, and Marginalized Voices (ISE4GEMS)  
Audience Young and emerging evaluators in Latin America and the Caribbean  
Hosts Drs. Ellen Lewis and Juanita Alvarado Bernal, moderated by Dr. Miriam Ordoñez Balanzario  
Event Global Evaluation Initiative's GLocal Evaluation Week: June 2024

- Introduce ISE4GEMS, a framework addressing gender, environmental, and social inclusion in evaluations.
- Discuss operational challenges and receive feedback from the audience.

- Language: Spanish with English subtitles
- Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes
- Watch the recording

Key Points
- Transformational evaluations need systemic understanding.
- ISE4GEMS provides practical tools to address inclusivity challenges in evaluations.


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