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Ethos of Engagement Consulting is an ecosystem of diverse, virtual, and global-minded consultants, academics and practitioners. Our approach is rights-based, holistic, systemic, and aims to challenge mainstream thinking which systematically discriminates against women and other marginalized voices (human and non human). We partner with our clients and their stakeholders as thought partners dedicated to systemic change. We provide program evaluation, social research and training services through a systemic lens. We work with public and private organizations globally drawing from our network of diverse content matter experts from across the world. 


Our work is governed by Inclusive Systemic Thinking, an emerging approach that builds on the tradition of systems thinking for problem solving.

As systemic evaluation and organizational development specialists, authors of various resources on social systems and change and  our goal is to support you to lead systemic change.


We are concerned with the impacts of climate change on gender and marginalized populations. We have deep expertise in gender responsive and human rights-based approaches. We undertake work that translates into real world practice, program delivery and policy development. We engage with stakeholders to ensure that the project is informed and owned by the key stakeholders. ​


Ethos of Engagement works in Low to Middle Income Countries (LMICs) or with hard to reach and underserved populations in the Global North.


Our work is defined by our approach. We are committed to using systems thinking to generate a holistic understanding of social and ecological intersecting systems. 


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